We are CompassioNotes

CompassioNotes is a social enterprise supporting our work, and connecting compassionate communities focused on storytelling.  

CN is designed to ' ... spread compassion, one narrative at a time'. A narrative can be a sticky note, a zen doodle coloring book, tote bags, t-shirts, fortune cookies etc. 

Compassion starts with you be 'mindful'. At ICA, we believe that compassion is the core human value, & we leave it up to you to decide what compassion means to you!

Pause. Take a moment to think, and share with us:  'What does compassion mean to you?' 

Start with our sticky notes as a space to think  'Compassion is … ' . Do not forget to use the #CompassioNotes

CN allow you to start this every important conversion. We have a few more surprises coming your way, so stay tuned!


Video: EepyBird

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